Real Testimonials from our Happy Customers

  •  J.N: Just received my first order of Soothing Pain Salve. I rubbed some in my feet and in my toes...the stinging pain stopped immediately. Thank you so much...finally found relief! 

  • S.P :  Omg I received my soothing salve 500mg today and absolutely NO PAIN to my feet!
    Thank you so much!!! 

  • S.L : I had been using the 200 mg Soothing Salve after switching from the Pain Salve for a while in addition to using RAW and Full spectrum glycerite. However I recently purchased the 1000 mg to try and WOW I can't say enough positive things about it. I've been having some flares with neuropathy as well as arthritis ( or a combination of both) and have had some pretty tough times lately but this nips it in the bud in NO time. I'd highly recommend biting the bullet and going with the higher dosage as I did. 

  • S.C :  I love these products, and I have tried so many different brands before I found this one, ...the prices are great, the quality is outstanding and Jennifer is a beautiful human being, offering the best customer service, thanks for all you do 

  •  K.L :  Love the products and customer service is fantastic! 

  • T.L :  I've been using Canna Infuzions CBD oils for about four months now. What a difference in my life! I have chronic pain - as well as arthritis everywhere and degenerative disk in my L3. The 2100 has enabled me to cut my Rx pain meds use by 75% most days. (My doc is delighted). Jennifer is quick with answers to questions and in filling orders. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I can take as much CBD oil as I need on bad pain days because it helps and doesn't have any adverse effects. Cannot thank Jennifer enough for all she does!! 

  • M.P: I have chronic pain, neuropathy, migraines and insomnia. I’ve been using raw and full spectrum oils and I have minimal to NO pain, haven’t suffered a migraine in months, and I SLEEP !!! I also use the 1000mg pain salve for my neuropathy and my post op surgical pain (neck) and low back pain. Takes away any residual aches and pains immediately. I also use the healing salve on my face now that the weather has turned cold and it’s a miracle worker. Redness and dryness are gone. I’ve also used it on burns, bug bites and it works great. The rollers...oh my! I have every one and love them all. When I’ve gotten a migraine or even stress headache, the head re leaf takes it away. The dreamy at bedtime relaxes me and helps me to stay asleep. I could go on about each one and did I mention they all smell amazing and are made with all natural, organic products!!! I’m using the shoo flu right now and it’s keeping this asthmatic healthy! The canna tea is another relaxing and wonderful tasting product. Bath salts are so relaxing and soothe the aches and pains of the day away. I can’t say enough about all the products (Canna Infuzions) has to offer. So happy to have found such a caring person, businesswoman, and mom.